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What’s trending in kitchen design?

Kitchens have been changed a lot over the decades and planning for your Kitchen design is very important. Technology has advanced and changing social dynamics have contributed largely to the rise of the modern kitchen. There is a far bigger focus on open concept homes that depend around the kitchen so everyone can be together. The other type of design trend, clean and easy styles, has made favorites for homeowners with natural light making an essential aspect of the overall look and function of the kitchen space.

Smart Kitchens

Technology has built its space in the kitchen in full force and not only in the term of fancy gadgets and appliances. You may have a kitchen with technology embody into every function and appliance–from the faucets to the fridge to the lighting. This is what we known a smart kitchen.

Smart kitchens are a making aspect of design. In fact, many kitchens nowadays are built smart from the ground up. For earlier kitchens, sensors, smart gadgets, and other devices can be added for convenience to the homeowner.

Cabinet Colors

Although white cabinets are a standard look that can be utilized in almost any kind of kitchen style, we are slowly starting to see them on the way out! We expect white to start declining in popularity throughout 2020. To break up the all-white kitchen expect to see islands in various different paint colors or wood stain colors. The mixing of finishes make a needed accent piece and additional pops-of-color for the brave of heart.

Streamlined Designs, Materials, and Textures

When designs such as farmhouse and mid-century modern are still popular, homeowners are getting more streamlined in their overall aesthetic, designs and alternative materials for kitchens. The tension-free environments are what you would like to come home too, and drown out the day to day stresses of life.  Which usually means, simplicity. Simple looks are all about modern clean lines. They will continue to be a huge hit throughout 2020.  Take a look at our home remodeling portfolio for design ideas.

Quartz is Still King

For high-end kitchen countertops, quartz is still supreme. The material is very hardy, may last virtually forever, is a breeze to maintain and is anti-microbial. Granite, the basic competitor in the high-end bracket, needs slightly more maintenance.

Whilst quartz countertops first came into the market, the big worry was a lack of variety in terms of colors and finishes. But with time, a big thanks to technology, manufacturers have given a big range of colors to select from as well as realistic stone patterns. You may even get quartz finished with elaborate swirls and big veining to imitate other materials like natural stone. These specific styles have become very popular.